River Basin Epidemiology, Medical Engineering and Environmental Sensors Studies, and Medical Statistics

Atsuhito Nakao

NAKAO Atsuhito*

Allergic diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, and food allergy have been epidemic in the past several years in the industrialized countries. In particular, the number of patients with allergic diseases in young generation including infancy is increasing and causes a serious social problem.
Under such situations, our research activity has been driven by a constant goal: to advance science for the prevention or treatment of allergic diseases and, as a result, to eradicate allergic diseases in future.

Zentaro Yamagata


Human health must be comprehensively considered according to the self and the other, and to their relationship. The self refers to genetic factors, to life customs, and health awareness at the individual level. The other includes the material environment, regional health measures, and social capital at the environmental level. Epidemiology and community hygiene are fields which comprehensively research human health. In addition to traditional epidemiological research which clarifies causal relationships of diseases, we discuss river basin health using new methods such as genomic epidemiology which aims to predict health using genome information, health related systems and social networks, and social epidemiology which considers social bonds of solidarity, etc.

Yoko Aihara


moved in Mar. 2013

Naoki Kondo

KONDO Naoki*

While the economy creates health, health is the foundation of growth. Approximately 1 billion of the world's people live on less than one dollar per day, and almost all of these people live in Asia and Africa. What is the best method to effectively use the world's limited resources to improve the health of these, the world's neediest people? We focus on the material environment (water resources, natural conditions, and living environments), the social environment (economic conditions, educational systems, and social capital), and on people's individual choices and actions to answer this question based on joint epidemiological research by researchers in various fields including sanitary engineering, economics, sociology, epidemiology, and public health.
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