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The following researches are being undertaken energetically to resolve problems such as the depletion of water resources, flood damage, deterioration of water environments, and illnesses caused by water and research which combines these to provide prescriptions to resolve water problems closely related to the lives of people in individual river basins, along with activities necessary to form an international network of water experts.

  1. Hydro-Engineering: large-scale hydrometeorological analysis and analysis in regions with insufficient data
  2. Water Quality: analysis of hazardous substances and pathogen risk accompanying water cycles
  3. Microbiology-Treatment: appropriate management of waste matter and waste water in river basins under various conditions
  4. Planning: construction of a society in symbiosis with disaster risk
  5. Health: river basin epidemiology, genetic engineering environmental sensors

Message from the Director

Interdisciplinary Centre for River Basin Environment
Director Futaba KAZAMA

Futaba Kazama The Interdisciplinary Centre for River Basin Environment (ICRE) was established in April, 2007 as an institution affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi. It was established to contribute to the creation of a prominent international research and education stronghold in line with the activity plan of the 21st century COE program launched in 2003. Then, in order to consolidate the multi-disciplinary research base of the COE program, in April, 2008, the ICRE changed its status to that of an institution affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi.
Water is a material which is essential for living things to maintain and renew their cells. Water is also a basic requirement for the stipulation of various social conditions such as ecosystem, food production and regional environments. From a global standpoint, water provides the fundamental environment which moderates temperature differences between polar regions and low-latitude regions. Because of these varied roles of water, considerable information and many technologies are necessary to clarify the processes of phenomena associated with water. At the same time, healthy and proper water management is essential in different areas and communities with different conditions. In addition, water circulates throughout the earth in changing phases, so global understanding and cooperation are essential conditions for its management.
The ICRE has focused on various water problems such as shortages of water resources, water disasters, and water environment deterioration. We have conducted research of various kinds: such as research on solutions to diseases caused by water, integrated research to provide prescriptions for solving water problems based on individual basin communities. Furthermore, we have promoted the formation of international networks. Fortunately, the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering of the University of Yamanashi have established strong interdisciplinary collaboration in both research and education. We are aiming for the integration of Engineering -Water Resources Engineering, Water Environment Engineering, and River Basin and Regional Planning- and Medicine including River Basin Epidemiology and Health Risk Management. We are trying to apply science to ensure the safety of the people of local communities. To achieve this objective, ICRE is made up of the following 5 fields, with advanced and unique research conducted in each field.
We would appreciate your kind understanding to ICRE activities and would be grateful if you give us additional guidance and cooperation in the future.

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