Special Doctoral Course

Doctoral Course
"Environmental and Social System Science Course, River Basin Environmental Science Major"

1. Introduction

The goals of the University of Yamanashi 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program include the formation of an international human resources network for cooperative work by experts on water problems in Asia. The reason is that Asia's water problems include those which cannot be resolved by a single country. So in order to develop superior human resources to form this network, the Ph.D. course, "International Special Doctoral Course for Integrated River Basin Management" had been established in 2004. Due to an organizational change in the graduate school, "Environmental and Social System Science Course, River Basin Environmental Science Major" has been launched since April, 2018.

2. Period of enrollment

Environmental and Social System Science Course is a Ph.D course limited in principle to three years of study. It is a short enrolment period course for superior students.

3. Conditions required to obtain the diploma

The degree of Doctor (Doctor (Engineering)) is awarded to people who enroll for at least 3 years, obtain 14 or more credits for the class subjects in Curriculum, and after receiving required research guidance, pass a screening of their Ph.D thesis and a final exam. But persons who complete superior research only have to spend 1 year in this course. Research guidance to help with the preparation of the Ph.D thesis is provided by a group of at least three academic advisors including each candidate's principal advisor.

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