1. River Basin Environmental Science Major subjects

Advanced International Partnership for Environment
1st Semester

Environmental issues in river basin (historical accidents, countermeasures and technologies) are introduced. Experiences of international cooperation are also given by experts and researchers to think how they should be. This lecture thereby aims to transport knowledge on environmental science to younger generations and develop their ability for practical solution. Japanese and oversea students study together through group work on some topics. English is potentially used.
Advanced Water Environment Assessment
2nd Semester

Environmental issues and the applied methodologies are outlined specifically on terrestrial environments such as groundwater, river or lake. Natural and human-induced water contents, estimations of pollutant load and health risk/guideline, modeling water quality incorporated with infiltration/flow/runoff processes are discussed. English is potentially used.
Advanced Hydrology and Water Resources
ISHIDAIRA Hiroshi, SOUMA Kazuyoshi and MASUTANI Keiichi
1st Semester

The aim of the lecture is to learn mechanism and modeling of water flows. The lecture starts from describing basic equations of fluid motion, followed by 1-dimensional water flow equations and storage type water dynamics modeling. The lecture deals with not only theoretical description of water flow modeling but also its numerical solution technique. The topics treated in the lecture are crucial for understanding water flows and river basin environmental science. The lecture is mainly given in Japanese while English is also used when needed.
Advanced Environmental Treatment Technology
KAZAMA Futaba, MORI Kazuhiro and TOYAMA Tadashi
2nd Semester

The purpose of this lecture is to learn the purification/remediation technologies for polluted soil and water. They include physicochemical technology, biological technology and ecological technology for removal of organic compounds, nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus), heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants. In this lecture, we will learn the technologies for energy/material recovery from solid waste/wastewater. Also, we will discuss the methodology/road map for social implementation of environmental technology and international contribution by environmental technology.
Advanced River Basin Management
MUTO Shinichi, ICHIKAWA Yutaka and SOUMA Kazuyoshi
2nd Semester

In this lecture, students will learn the integrated river basin management and regional planning to solve the local water issues. This lecture deals with the management of floods / sediments within basin, water hazard risk estimation for disaster reduction, and environmental assessment / cost-benefit analysis for river basin environment and water resources. The lecture is mainly given in English.
Advanced Environmental Data Analysis
1st Semester

The purpose of this class is to understand the basics of environmental statistics which is essential in environmental science researches. This class contains a variety of topics, such as basic statistics, probability distribution, analysis of variance, regression analysis, and multivariate analysis. Japanese and oversea students study together through group work. English is potentially used.
Advanced Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
2nd Semester

This course provides basic theories and techniques to analyze environmental information, including remote sensing, GIS. Japanese and oversea students study together through work group on some topics. English is potentially used.

2. Number of credits needed for completion

Specialty nameTypeCompulsory/electiveCredits require
Environmental and Social System Science CourseGraduate School Common CoursesCompulsory2
Departmental Common CoursesCompulsory2
Specialized CoursesCommon CoursesCompulsory4
Lectures A & C or Lectures B & CElective6 or more
Total14 or more

3. Environmental and Social System Science Course

Graduate School Common CoursesPSC701Ethics for Scientific Researchers, Engineers, and Medical Doctors1 ● 
PSC702Interdisciplinary Lecture on Medicine, Engineering, and Agriculture1
Departmental Common CoursesPTT701Advanced Course for Phenomenology of Function1
PTT702Advanced Risk Management1
Environmental and Social System Science CourseCommon CoursesPTK701Field Research for Environmental and Social System Science2C
PTK750Advanced Exercises for Environmental and Social System Science I2
PTK751Advanced Exercises for Environmental and Social System Science II2
Civil Management and Engineering MajorPTL701Advanced Course of Disaster Mitigation and Damage Reduction2C
PTL702Urban and Regional Designing2C
PTL703Advanced Infrastructure Engineering2A
PTL704Advanced Environmental Sanitary Engineering2A
PTL705Infrastructure Maintenance Management2A
River Basin Environmental Science MajorPTM701International Partnership for Environment2 C●
PTM702Advanced Water Quality Assessment2A
PTM703Advanced Hydrology and Water Resources2A
PTM704Advanced Environmental Treatment Technology2A
PTM705Advanced River Basin Management2A
PTM706Advanced Environmental Data Analysis2 A●
PTM707Advanced Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System2 A●
Environmental Social Management MajorPTN701Pattern Formation and Dynamics in Nonequilibrium Systems2C
PTN702Advanced Environmental and Mathematical Sciences2C
PTN703Environmental Materials Chemistry2C
PTN704Advanced Atmospheric Sciences2C
PTN705Advanced Social Modeling and Simulation2C
PTN706Environmental and Symbiotic Biology2B
PTN707Advanced Biology and Ecology2B
PTN708Advanced Environmental Governance2B
PTN709Policy Evaluation2B
Related coursePTA705Chemistry Course of Advanced Polymer Materials Chemistry2
PIA704Advanced in Environmental Microbiology2
PMN701Medical Data Analysis and Clinical Epidemiology1
PDN710Human Life and Health Sciences2
PIA702Advanced Food Manufactural and Nutritional Sciences2


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