Special Master Course Program

Master's Course
"Special Educational Program on River Basin Environmental Science"

1. History

The Interdisciplinary Centre for River Basin Environment (ICRE) fosters young experts who can understand the diversity of given regions and communities, identify area-specific environmental and water issues, and implement practical solutions. Together, we engage in flood and drought risk analyses, the conservation and relocation of water resources, the identification of pollution sources and processes, the development of locally fitted treatments for drinking and wastewater, the evaluation of health and socio-economic impact, and more. "International Special Doctoral Course for Integrated River Basin Management" was established in Apr 2004 and so was "Special Master Course Program on International River Basin Environmental Science" in Apr 2009. 93 and 89 students enrolled in master and doctoral programs, respectively, 77 and 68 students graduated from master and doctoral programs, respectively.

2. Educational philosophy

    To fulfill these missions, the graduate programs aim to enhance students' integrity by nurturing:
  • A borderless enthusiasm for knowledge and technology in the field of river basin environments
  • The ability to interact well (collaboration, negotiation, and leadership), the sense of internationality, and the resilience it takes to thrive all over the world
  • The practical skills involved in implementing social solutions

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