1. Curriculum

FieldTargetsSubjects (no. of credits)
Hydro-engineeringWater cycle, Effects of climate change/development, Conservation of water resourcesAdvanced Hydraulics and Hydrology(2)
Geographic Information Systems*(2)
Water qualityDynamics of pollutants & pathogens, Tracing water movement Advanced Water Quality Assessment(2)
Environmental Statistics*†(2)
Microbiology & treatmentHealth-related & useful microorganisms, Management of wastes & water facilities Advanced Environmental Treatment Technology(2)
PlanningUrban & disaster-prevention planning in river basin River Basin Planning and Design*(2)
International Partnership*(2)
MedicineApplication of epidemiology, immunology, genetical engineering to environmental technologies Life and Health†(2)
CommonCommon subjects in graduate school Research Ethics(1), Career Management†(1), Communications in Sciences(1)
Common subjects in division of engineering Advanced Multidiscipline Engineering(1), Internship I・II*(1), Presentation A・B*(1), Design of Experiment and Data Analysis(1), Numerical Simulation Methods(1), Management of Technology(1), Exercises in Applied Mathematics(1)
Advanced subjects Seminar on River Basin Environmental Science 1A・1B・2A・2B*(1×4), Research work on River Basin Environmental Science 1A・1B・2A・2B*(2×4)

Underline: compulsory, *: contains practical work, †: intensive class

2. Number of credits needed for completion

Master's courseTypeCompulsory/electiveCredits required
Special Educational Program on River Basin Environmental ScienceCommon in graduate schoolCompulsory1
Common in Engineering divisionCompulsory1
Lectures within your programCompulsory10
Seminar and Research workCompulsory12
Any lectureElective2 or more
Total30 or more

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