Entrance Examination Information

1. Number to be enrolled

10 students

2. Schedule


3. Selection method

  1. After the application documents are received, no changes to the desired course or program or to the selection of subjects will be permitted.
  2. Dictionaries or reference books are not permitted.

<Special Educational Program on River Basin Environmental Sciences>
Successful applicants will be chosen based on an overall assessment of the results of an oral examination and examination of their application documents. We may conduct preliminary interviews for those who wish to apply from overseas. The oral examination may be exempted for applicants who had a preliminary interview overseas and submitted a letter of recommendation from the director (or equivalents) of the universities or institutions. The place, date and time for a preliminary interview will be advised at the time of prearrangement and discussion with your preferred master's course supervisor.
(1) Oral examination (presentation: 10 minutes; interview: 10 minutes)

Presentation on the applicantfs statement of purpose and research project plan.
Interview regarding the presentation and specialized knowledge.
Applicants should prepare an MS PowerPoint file for their oral presentation and bring their own PC.

(2) Examination of application documents

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