NameSubject supervisedPrincipal research themes
Futaba KazamaAdvanced Water Quality Assessment
Advanced Environmental Treatment Technology
International Partnership
Development of eco-friendly water treatment systems and its application to water quality management
Kei NishidaAdvanced Water Quality Assessment
International Partnership
Environmental Statistics
Life and Health
Material cycle, health and livelihood in river basin
Hiroshi IshidairaAdvanced Hydraulics and Hydrology
International Partnership
Geographic Information Systems
Development of Hydrological model, Hydrology in Cryosphere
Eiji HaramotoAdvanced Water Quality Assessment
Environmental Statistics
Life and Health
Fate of health-related water microorganisms in aquatic environments
Tadashi ToyamaAdvanced Environmental Treatment Technology
Environmental Statistics
Environmental purification, waste/wastewater treatment, re-production of energy/material from waste/wastewater
Kazuyoshi SoumaAdvanced Hydraulics and Hydrology
River Basin Planning and Design
Meteorological and hydrological modeling, including human activities/prediction of water disasters
Jun MagomeGeographic Information SystemsModeling, remote sensing and geographical analysis in hydrology and water resources
Takashi NakamuraEnvironmental StatisticsHydrological analysis and water quality assessment using environmental isotopes
Kazuhiro MoriAdvanced Environmental Treatment TechnologyBioenvironmental engineering for water treatment, remediation and resource use
Shinichi MutoRiver Basin Planning and DesignProjects and public policy evaluation of urban planning
Zentaro YamagataLife and Health
Atsuhito NakaoLife and Health

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