Entrance Examination Information

Announcement of the Interview for Overseas Students

The interview for privately funded students of ICRE of University of Yamanashi will be held on 5th of January 2013.

5th January, 2013Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

- Expected supervisors: see a Poster. We need to know which staffs are expected by the applicants.
- The result will be announced within February.

Application deadline is December 25, 2012.
For more details please see "Poster".

Necessary documents must be sent to the ICRE secretariat before the deadline of application VIA EMAIL.

Contact person:Dr. Sangam Shrestha (AIT)
Wakae Sano (ICRE, University of Yamanashi)

Inquiry & Application should be sent to: coe(atmark)yamanashi.ac.jp

EInterview 2013
EInterview application form

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